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Today we had a late start, mainly due to me really catching up on some sleep. After breakfast we took the train to Akihabara, again, where we spent the afternoon and evening. Akihabara is basically just stores, with electronics, manga/anime, costumes, adult goods and games.. So that's what we did, browsed for games. And games we bought, for the SNES (as we have an adapter), DS and PSP (I think). The games are all in Japanese, but as Aarne knows some, and we both played games in English long before we knew any other words than "game over", we figured it will pretty much go well.


Akihabara is awesome for finding old school games, for most consoles (even ones we've never even seen before). We found some boxes with used SNES games for 100 yen a piece (a little under 1 euro?), which is pretty darn awesome. Now all of them aren't awesome of course, but still.. Wish it was that easy to find old games back home.


Another thing we did today was going to a kittycuddlingcafe.. A rather small place, where you pay 800 yen to cuddle with kitties for 30 minutes. I'm addicted to having some sort of feline creature around me, so we had to at least try, even though we were sceptical. We did see cats, and other animals in bad shape here in 2008, so I was rather nervous. It did however seem OK, the cats had water, food, toys, etc.. The only thing I didn't really like was the people that was paying to get in. It seemed to me that none of the people have never had a cat, baby or any other living thing before, so they had no idea how to handle them. The kitties did retaliate, rawr. Didn't bother to take any kittiepictures, because the whole 30 minutes were pretty awkward.


Apart from all the sweaty nerds and all the games, there's another pretty awesome thing about Akihabara: It's frikkin full of Gashapons! Or Eggymachines, as I like to call them. You put some coins in it, twist the handle around, and get a shiny egg with a toy in it. A couple of thousand yens must've gone towards that now. I love them. There's a few in Helsinki as well I think, but they're not nearly as cool as the ones here.

A store with nothing but Gashapon machines /drool

Shiny toys for me!

Tomorrow we're off to Harajuku, since it's Sunday and all; that's when everyone gets all freaky and shit. The weather forecast said it'll be around 30 degrees, a nice improvement, so here's to hoping!

- Linni

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I tossed my cigarette butt in the drain. That is said I hid it in the drain.

Today was supposed to be a chill day since we've been going non-stop since we got here, and the walking and the heat was getting too us, but we failed at chilling. We took a monorail trip to Odaiba, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. We went walking around by the beach, at Aarnes request, and then wandered around a few malls at Decks Tokyo Beach, where we found some nice stuff. Aarne bought me a green Power Puff Girls watch, probably the greatest thing I've ever gotten. Weee! For fun I tried to find some shoes in my size, which is anything from 38-40, and failed miserably. God the Japanese have tiny feet.

After shopping a little, we went to Palette Town, where Aarne tricked me into getting into the Daikanransha, a gigantic ferris wheel, the highest point being 115 meters.


We took a look at Megaweb, looked at some funny cars, and a robot! According to Toyota the robot can play a trumpet, but we missed his show.


After Megaweb we went to Tokyo Leisure Land, a huge arcade. We played some games, and that was pretty much it. I personally didn't get what all the fuzz was about; there's arcades everywhere in Tokyo!
The last stop of the day was Venus Fort. Aarne had been reading a bit about this huge mall that was mainly for women, and said that I had to girly up and take a look. The place is huge, high-end, Venice-themed and has frikkin fake sunsets going on.. Apparently the Grand floor of the Venus Fort "ignites dreams in women". I didn't get it. But they had a few cool shops, and extremely helpful staff (all though that goes for most of Japan).


Now we're pretty beat, Aarne is already sleeping, and I should be too, have to load up to another trip to Akihabara tomorrow!

- Linni

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On Thursday we made a rather long trip away from Tokyo. We took the one of the superfast Shinkansen trains to Odawara and from there a local train to Hakone-Yumoto. Up to that point all was good. The good stuff pretty much ended when we boarded another train taking us up to Gora, which lies about 500 or so meters above sea level. This train had no air conditioning what so ever, and it was packed so we had to stand. It must have been a billion degrees in that train. It took us around 30 minutes to get up to Gora. On the way we stopped, because we sort of freaked out with some ticket business. It was a rather idyllic little train station, and Aarne found a little insecty creature, and even managed to ask an old Japanese lady what sort of bug it was. She told us, and we forgot.

Dead shiny bug

When we arrived at Gora, the 35 degrees felt more like 20, and it was slightly windy, nom. After 10 litres of water, and some weird gooey Japanese candies, we took a cable car up to a place called Sounzan! From there we took the rope way, which took us up 1000 meters above sea level to Owakudani over loads of boiling sulphur pits. I'm not much for heights, so I can't say I fully enjoyed that part of the trip, but the view was excellent.

Smelly stuff

At Togendai we hiked for a bit, to check out more sulphury thingies. The smell was.. Not nice.

The rope way took us down again to Togendai, and we took a little cruise on what looked like a frikkin pirateship to Hakone-Machi, checked out some seriously old cedar trees, and took the bus back to the train station. Well back in our hotel room, we sort of thought that the trip might have cost a bit too much money, and that it could've been better. BUT, we got to smell sulphur stuff and sail on a pirate ship, so I guess it was well worth it.

- Linni

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We felt better on Wednesday, after having slept in an actual bed. The hotel we're staying at is quite nice; we're up on the 37th floor of the Prince Hotel. The view is nice, the intarwebz is free, and we get to watch freaky Japanese commercials on TV and CNN. There's also supposed to be a bowling alley, roller-coaster and a something something with dolphins here, but that is to be explored on a later occasion.

The view from our room, crappy picture, I blame the double windows

First on the agenda for Wednesday was going back to Ueno Zoo, as we had to much fun the last time. It was so hot and humid that the zoo was practically empty (for Tokyo anyway).

Red pandas at Ueno, a bit too hot for them too

Don't feed the monkeks, they gets fevers

Any kind of monkek is a good monkek


After going to the Zoo, we walked to my favourite place: Akihabara! I love the Electric City, and despite the heat we had fun, browsing games-shops, going to the arcades, looking at maids.

Aarne playing at the arcades.. Not only for the games themselves, but for the awesome air conditioning and so that I can sit and smoke in a cool place <3

One of the shops we missed in 2008 was Super Potato; a retro style game shop that specialises in NES and SNES games. If I could live there, I would, in one of the 5 (?) floors. We stayed for quite a while, and ended up buying a few games. The prices ranged from anywhere from 2 euroes to hundreds..

Geek heaven <3


On the highest floor there's a cafe/arcade, set up with oldschool games.


All in all a pretty awesome day!

- Linni

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19th - 20th

We arrived in Tokyo, Shinagawa, late on Tuesday. We started out in Helsinki, where we took a 3,5 hours long flight to Istanbul, where we had to wait 6 hours for our flight to Osaka. Istanbul was terrible; incredibly boring, and everything was overpriced.
After sitting cramped up in a tiny plane to Istanbul, our plane to Osaka seemed like heaven; for a while. We had access to TV shows, movies, music and games, and the chairs were sort of comfortable. It was nice for like 2 hours, then every joint and muscle started to hurt. Sleeping sucked, but we tried anyway.
In Osaka we were greeted by what had to be around 40 degrees and a humidity of like 300%! It's pretty much the same in Tokyo now, it's really humid and about 36 degrees every day.
The night we arrived, we pretty much just ate, showered for way too long and slept.

Aarne leeching the intarwebz in Istanbul, bored to death

On the train from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo. Pepsi Nex from vendingmachines makes Aarne a happy baka

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