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31st & 1st

Storage-case - You are freer than whether to use with what kind of use

Yesterday we went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku to get all educated and stuff. The museum covers just about everything from the Edo era; we learned about the culture, economy, disasters that occurred at that time, etc. There's a lot of exhibits, it was all fun and educational - yey!
On the way there from the Ryogoku Station we saw some pretty interesting art on this long concrete wall.



Models of Edo

Bookstore/Printing.. thing.

Kabuki theatre

It was also Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival yesterday ("It is a revival of celebrations held in the Edo period, and annually attracts close to a million celebrants" ), in an area close to the museum, so we walked over there to check it out. Near a temple it was packed with dressed up people, stands where they sold food and so on. We skipped the actual fireworks due to the crowd. People started lining up and whatnot hours before the fireworks, so by the time it started it was just too much, and we had tired feets.

- Thought I was all stealthy and crap when I took the picture.. When editing however, and zooming in, I see this creepy guy staring directly into the camera.. Go me!

Today we had loads of fun doing laundry. Everyone loves the laundromat. -_-
After washing all of our clothes we went for like the fifth time, to Akihabara. Aarne bought even more games, and I finally bought my...

Hello Kitty ice machine! Whooohoooo! Things make me happy, especially this thing. Now everyone is invited over for ice stuff and NES gaming.

In a previous post, I wrote about when we found an Iittala store in one of the high end areas of the city. Well now, it's even more crazy. Aarne was buying us some Pepsi yesterday, and with it he got two Iittala collectables. Frikkin kitchen magnets! You can collect all 12.



I bought some origami paper and an origami book in one of the 100 yen shops earlier this week, (all instructions in Japanese of course), and made a bunny! It's pretty neat so it deserves to be blogged about.


Tomorrow is our last day in Tokyo, and we plan to go to Tokyo Bay again. Tuesday we take the train to Kyoto where we stay for a week before heading back home. Can't wait! For Kyoto of course - it was fun the last time.

- Linni

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My bag cares nature

So today we went to Disney Sea! Pretty late, because the "after 6" pass is much cheaper, there's less people and it's not as hot out. There's not really much to say, apart from that it pretty much kicked ass. Well, apart from the train rides. So here's some random pictures from the visit, the sun had already gone to bed so the pictures might be a bit dark.

From the entrance

Volcano, with a roller coaster inside

Inside of the volcano

Super scary ride







Tower of terror, for real


That's that.

- Linni

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28th & 29th

Full of expression -- It is exciting Vending machine very enjoyable. Please try to get it once.

On Thursday we went to Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens in the center of Tokyo. Of course we couldn't walk into the Inner Gardens, as the Emperor actually lives there, but the East Gardens are open to the public. The whole area is surrounded by a huge moat and thick, high stone walls that have been restored, and there are also remains of the old Edo Castle that was destroyed by a fire. The main reason for going there though is the gardens!

The moat


Everything is a okay outside a bansho (guardhouse) hiding behind a rock

A restored grove full of creepy insects




After this we took the metro to Ginza, a seriously high end part of Tokyo, where we went window shopping.
It is in fact SO fancy, that they have a store for schmucks only!


And Finnish design of course..


In one of the department stores we found a shop that sold nothing but Hello Kitty items..


Mac book case, 157 500 yen, about 1500€ (yes, no mac included..). Super shiny!


Yesterday we met Naomi, a girl from my class back home, went to Harajuku and Shibuya and almost drowned. The weather was so crappy the camera didn't want to get out for that one. Instead, Naomi tricked me into doing the most girly and glittery thing ever; purikura. They are insanely girly booths where you take pictures of yourself and your friends, and glitter them up. (y)
Later today it seems we're going to the other part of the Disney Resort; Disney Sea. Whopee!
Also, I haven't watched Star Trek since we left home. I miss Star Trek. And Pepsi Max.

- Linni

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It is funnier that man exceeds the speed of light than fish start living in the land.

Today we had another very late start.. I'm lazy. I like sleeping. After we finally got ourselves out of the hotel, we went to Shinjuku. Shinjuku is the busiest part of Tokyo, and it also seems like all the weirdest looking people are concentrated in that area. We had no specific plans, so we just poked around, buying stuff for ourselves and some friendses, took some pictures and went to dinner at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observatory.. thing.







Where we had dinner - 45th floor :S

The view was amazing and well worth the angsty elevator ride up there


I tried on a lion hat, should've bought it Y/N?

Long lost twin. I do look like Donkey Kong. 'tis O.K, I love monkeks. Or gorillas. Or both.

You can find just about anything you can think of in Tokyo (apart from clothes for tall people, and shoes that aren't kiddy sized), and here's one of the more funnier and useless things:

A device that, at least after looking at the pictures and the sort-of-instructions, crushes potato chips for you..

And one of the more awesome things:
A little box, that shapes your hard boiled egg into a bunny. Bwähähähähähä. 100 yen store <3

Tomorrow I think we're heading over to Tokyo Dome.. So that Aarne can ride some roller coasters, and I can watch!

- Linni

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25th & 26th

We are ready fresh water for you.

The weather forecast lied. It is still insanely hot here. Nevertheless, yesterday we went to Harajuku, hoping to see some weirdoes and freaky performances, but it seemed like everyone was on holiday, /cry. It was packed with people though, stupid sundays, so going shopping there was sort of stressful. We did find some good stuff, including some t-shirts from a second hand shop (I love those).
The other thing we found was a clothing store; Ehkä söpö.. Now that's weird. Almost as weird as the clothing store we found in 2008, Keittiö.


Today we went to Disneyland! We had alot of fun there the last time we visited, today however, not as much fun. Last time we practically alone in the park, today it was packed. Like I said, not as much fun, but still fun! Aarne went on a couple of rides, we ate some food, bought some stuff, and watched a parade.

From P to the ACKED




Teaparty <3

It's a small world



Pretty O.K day! After Disneyland, Aarne went to Akihabara, again.. After finding out that PS3 is regionfree, and I assume he'll be coming back with some more games, and I took the train back to Shinagawa, where it's applejuice-time.

- Linni

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