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Aarnes air-con flu got worse, much worse, so Caturday we spent pretty much at the hotel, with the exception of going to the store, and eating dinner. Sunday we headed out to Osaka again, to Den-Den Town (will put up some pictures when I have the time), for some light shopping and looking at stuff. Den-Den Town is like a smaller and more organised Akihabara, basically. The day went fine, despite Aarnes flu, but at the end of the day we got the stupids and ended up buying something like 15 action figures. Retarded. But we've actually managed to pack everything now.
Yesterday we did the same, apart from buying loads of action figures (only a couple); light shopping, looking at beautiful animals being trapped in stinky, dirty, small cages, being pissed about it, giving the shopkeeper the superangry Norwegian glare and giving him the finger, being amazed about the quantity of porn shops, eating dinner. All good.

We're checking out very very soon (it's now 10.30 here), only to wait until 22.30 for our 13 our flight to Turkey where we'll wait another 4 hours for our 4 hour flight back home to Helsinki. I can't wait to drag our overstuffed bags of heavy crap up the 4 floors, where I get to unpack. This will probably be the worst 2 days of my life, but at least I get to go home, eh.

Vacation was fun, ladibladida, I'll upload more pictures when I get home.

Sorry for at jeg ikke orka skrive på norsk også, ble for mye jobb. også tenkte jeg vel også at de fleste skjönner vel et par ord engelsk. Jeg kan si som så: gleder meg no jävlig til å komme hjem til kråkeslottet mitt, drikke normal pepsi max og glane på Star Trek ut i de sene kvelder. Jo, også hente pus da.

- Linni

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Only the person who was wisdom can read the most foolish one from the history

From my point of view, today was one of the greatest days we've had in Japan so far on this trip. We rented bikes from the hotel, and bicycled around Kyoto. The city seems to be made for cycling. It was a little scary however, since I haven't been on a bike for 10 years, and the sidewalks are pretty narrow and filled with people, and other bikes. Fun, even though it was as much as 40 frikkin degrees today, and we didn't have much shelter from the sun, and forgot sunscreen. It was rather sweaty day, to say the least.

We bicycled for a good while up the eastern hills of Kyoto before we made a stop at a Zen garden and temple - Konchi-in. The "Crane and Turtle" garden was absolutely beautiful, and luckily we were alone there the whole visit. Apart from the obvious trees and plants, we also saw some..



.. A lizard (he was too fast for the camera though) and some koi fish.

Random pictures from the garden:






Next we rode down Philosophers Walk, a path following a canal in a rather pleasant area, with loads of little shops and sights along the way. There we had spaghetti at a tiny restaurant that looked like it had been trapped in a time-capsule from the 50's, and met a white cat in a store.

Our last stop for the day was the Ginkakuji temple, another Zen temple. The original temple was from 1482, but as usual, it was destroyed aaaand rebuilt like 500 years ago.










Tomorrow we might be heading back to Osaka or something, if we can get up and Aarnes air-con-flu isn't too bad.

- Linni

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A password "3Rs" [reduce] [re-use] = "Mottainai" [rscycle] Have A Love For Nature

We had a superduper day in Osaka today, and specifically at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. We took the subways and trains again, it takes well over an hour, or something. It's not too bad with Radio Resepsjonen podcasts and a PSP, thank god. Some random pictures taken from the train on the way to Osaka:




The aquarium, 6 floors of fishy and marine mammaly goodness. I might have gone a bit overboard with all the pictures today from the aquarium, but try to enjoy.

Asian smallclawed otter, supercute and splatted together.


Seals <3

Capybara, I think it was, one of the largest, or the largest rodent in the world.

King penguins. I love penguins.

Pacific White sided dolphin


The whale shark that hangs out in the largest tank in the aquarium (5400 tons of water), with loads of other creatures.


Crab people crab people - walk like crab, talk like people? Giant Spider Crab?



Large weird fishy that looks constantly terrified. O_O

My personal favourites, jelly fishies! The aquarium had a pretty nice collection. Sort of hard to take decent pictures of them though, but here's some anyway.







A couple of pictures taken from the Tempozan Harbour Village:



Gatepus ;_;

As usual, I didn't write much, but then again, pictures are more fun anyway.

- Linni

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Please take the garbage home with each person

Despite it being insanely hot today, and that we woke up a little late (because this old guy was hogging both the washer and the dryer until super late last night) we took the train to Osaka, and the subway to Chūō-ku, to see Osaka Castle.

Most adorable little thing we saw on our way to the castle

The castle has alot of history (Wiki it), and was completed in 1597, sadly what's there now is just a reconstruction from the 30's. Boo.

The inside is nothing like a castle, it's basically a museum that covers the whole history of the tower; the construction, artefacts recovered from the time, the wars in Osaka, how the castle played a huge part in the unification of Japan, history of Toyotomi Hideyoshi etc. It was pretty interesting, the only annoying part was all the videos that were a huge part of the museum. They were only in Japanese with no subtitles.

The castle, the walls and the moat


We were able to go up to the top of the castle; view over Osaka



Dried up moat - west side of the castle grounds

One of the structures that isn't a reconstruction, the Otemon Gate (west). It was built in the early Edo period (1628)

On the castle grounds we also popped by Hōkoku Shrine, which was built in honor to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a significant historical figure here, lived in the castle, did loads of awesome stuff for Japan.. (And also executed one of his adopted children, wife, mistresses and some 30 people if I remember correctly from the museum)

Le temple

Toyotomi Hideyoshi - statue outside the temple

Aarne looks over the moat - keeping his feet on the ground

I prefer my feet being all free and stuff - Linni Duppsko

When we finally found our way out of the castle grounds, we went looking for an area of Osaka that is supposed to be a sort of "mini Akihabara".. We were quite unsuccessful, so we just walked aimlessly around Namba.

Visited a few arcades - new fancyschmancy Drum Mania

I thought it was a bus, but no, it's a mobile dragon. The future of public transport.


Camerafun while waiting for the train back to Kyoto

Tomorrow we're going back to Osaka, better make use of the Railpasses before they run out. I might have tricked Aarne to take me to the aquarium in Osaka, which is said to be one of the largest in the world - super sweet! I'll be drooling over jellyfish and sharks all day.

I apologise for sloppy writing, I could be more informative, but that would require brain power, and I has not. Another late night (y)

- Linni

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Aaaand we're in Kyoto. It didn't take us long, around 3 hours with the super express train. The whole trip was pretty uneventful. We found the hotel, checked in, and went poking around and ate dinner. At some point we lost the lens cap on the camera, stressed around trying to find it, gave up. Just asking a random camera store was easier than looking for it, a nice lady gave us directions to a place that sold them and we got a new one. Wehu.Didn't take a lot of pictures anyway though, but I will.

We have "sort of" plans for the next few days.. We might take a couple of day trips to Osaka, and later this week we're renting bicycles (which is free at the hotel here), to cycle around Kyoto. It might turn out interesting, considering I haven't successfully been on a bike in like 10 years (I see shinies, I fall).

Teramachi Street in Kyoto, large sort of indoors area, filled with all kinds of shops and cosy cafes.

Mr. Young Men - How appropriate!

On our way to find a lens cap

We're sort of missing Tokyo already, there's still so many things we haven't seen and done there. Kyoto is.. Quite different. The buildings aren't as high, streets aren't as crowded, Kyoto smells a lot better than Tokyo, traditional culture and funstuff like that is more obvious here, and.. It's cozy. Really cozy.

- Linni

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